Thursday, March 10, 2005

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Another in the Series: Decade of Discovery

     Energy Independence in 10 Years!

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If you have not heard of the Apollo Alliance, it's time you did, because it can bring back strength and honor to America. And if you are familiar, this show will give you a teriffic understanding of what the Apollo Alliance is all about. 

WE talk with Bracken Hendricks, Director, and 6 other leading partners and friends of the  Apollo Alliance in this historic "Special Edition" of the Wild Side News.

Show description. 

Following on the success of the Apollo Project, which put a man on the moon in ten years, the Apollo Alliance is aggressively promoting the belief that with the right will and investment, the US can become energy independent in 10 years. Backed by leading unions and environmental organizations, the Apollo Alliance works to create millions of jobs, clean up the environment and keep America in the forefront of sustainability.

It is important that you know about the Apollo Alliance, because its success depends on us in the US to join in this important mission.

   Segment 1


Introduction, including speech by President John F. Kennedy which launched the Apollo Project to put a man on the moon in 10 years. Then we talk with the Director of the Apollo Alliance, Bracken Hendricks.

   Segment 2

Marco Trbovich, Assistant to the International President of the United Steel Workers of America, talks about the significant jobs and new technologies that will be created as the Apollo Alliance grows. And he tell us some surprising history of the steelworkers early dedication to a healthy environment.

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   Segment 3

King County Workers Center

Richard Feldman is the Director of the King County Workers Center. He talks about the impacts the Apollo Alliance is having in the Seattle area and Washington State, in creating quality jobs and more.

   Segment 4

Lots of talk about 2 million new jobs created as a result of the Apollo Alliance. But what kind of jobs will they be? And what sort of new technologies and businesses will result? We talk with Andrew Beebe, President of Energy Innovations, a small Pasadena, California solar technology firm that is excited about the growth of green industries, the opportunities this will create for his company and his community.

   Segment 5

Inter Tribal Council on Energy Policy

But as we head out into the hinterlands of America, will the Apollo Alliance reach there as well? To find out, we talk with Bob Gough, Director of the Intertribal Council on Utilities Policy, which serves Native American Tribes and communities in northern states and beyond. Are they embracing the new vision?

   Segment 6

The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

Oakland, California is a community with deep pockets of poverty and hopelessness. Van Jones is the Executive Director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. He discusses the energy, hope and uplift the Apollo Alliance has the potential to bring to his community.

   Segment 7

And what about the "traditional" environmental community? Is it part of the Apollo Alliance? We talk with Dave Hamilton with the Sierra Club, and their vision of Apollo.

So tune in. This show tells the story of what will become the idea that changed America.

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