May 13 , 2008 

The Many Faces of Globalization

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Segment 1

6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World

Paul Stemets

Renaissance mycologist Paul Stemets presents an intriguing perspective on how the lowly fungus has within its matrix some of the most powerful natural systems for the future of the planet. It's an amazing look into new possibilities.


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 Segment 2

Looking Towards the New World

Call it globalization, call it a new world order, call it what you like, but we are on a course that is leading us towards a one world order.

Today we hear from some of those who have spoken about this vision of a new order.

The question raised is what form will this one world system take? As we experience the effects of globalization in our daily lives, shouldn't we be asking whether a consolidation of a one world economic system will conform to the living systems and its limits?