Radio Show   May 27, 2008 


Dr. David Suzuki  

Renowned for his insightful and timely perceptions about nature, the earth and just about everyting else. 

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 Segment 1


Conversations with 

Dr. David Suzuki

The early days.



   Segment 2        


Dr. Suzuki continues 


his discussion about where we have been going on our quest for the 

good life.


Who are the canaries in our communities that are telling us to pay attention?

Segment 3


Dr. Suzuki concludes


 with a direct wake-up call, which he feels requires a complete rethinking about our concepts of what truly matters, what drives us onward as an emerging world, and how a shifting away from economically driven decision-making to sustainability- modeled futures must become the central dialogue of all humanity, if we hope to turn back the forces which diminish our true quality of life.

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