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Please note: A repeat of a great show while I'm on a very Special Assignment. 

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"Intelligence of Apes and Other Rational Beings"

with Dr. Duane M. Rumbaugh of the


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 Segment 1

News . . . . then

Based on years of research into ape intelligence, Dr. Rumbaugh shares his quest to unlock the secrets of our nearest animal relatives


   Segment 2  

Dr. Duane Rumbaugh continues his discussion of the discoveries into the realms of ape abilities, sheds light upon the scientific process, and the emerging new understanding of our relationship with these amazing beings. 


Segment 3

Dr. Rumbaugh takes us to the current state of the art in ape intelligence and discusses his plans for the Great Ape Trust in Iowa, where the insights learned may be applied in a more natural setting. 

'Lana at the "keyboard" using the lexigrams.