Video Production Instructional


7-minute sampler of 60-minute instructional/promotional exercise video I produced for golf pro Jamie Zimron.

Productions to meet your specific needs.
YouTube, viral marketing and similar internet media.
Promotional (especially interested in working with artists)
Editorial / Opinion / Commentary (Serving people / culture / environment)
Instructional / Education
Music Composition and Production


"A video is worth a. . . . ???? words."

I've taught literally hundreds of thousands of people in my career as a naturalist and Artist-in-Residence in National parks. I'm a teacher by nature. So when it comes to producing educational and/or instrucational videos I've years of experience in effective ways to help people learn. And I work easily with professional communicators to craft their message.

I like to work with existing and emerging talent to help them craft an effective instructional video . With years of experience teaching people I know what is necessary to communicate useful information.

Whether it be 2 minutes, 20 minutes or a series, talk with me and let's see what is possible.

I can assist in all aspects of your production

SHOOTING determining the right staging and pacing

EDITING keep it on message, tell it in a friendly way

SCRIPTING no matter how well you know your subject its wise to give your script a good read by someone else. People continually tell me I'm a good writer.

VOICE-OVERS I'm always available to help tell the story, or to deliver the story itself. Years of doing voice work for radio, TV and productions.

MUSIC A little or a lot. Whatever it takes will make your piece stand out and be professional

To discuss your project (small, medium or large)

CONTACT ME. I'm always prepared to provide the first half-hour of professional consultation free.

I know that it is that first 30 minutes that determines the future of creative collaboration.

Call today 760-436-8776 (San Diego, CA)